On Neck-Thru-Body models, the serial number is stamped into the fingerboard at the last fret.

Use the charts here to easily cross-reference Jackson serial numbers with product dates and manufacturing facility locations. Note that these charts contain information only on U.S.-made Jackson instruments.

Year & Factory Randy Rhoads Neck-thru body Other Custom Neck-thru's Jackson Archtop Jackson USA Neck-thru
1982 San Dimas RR 0000 X X X
1983 San Dimas RR0001-RR0294 J0001-J0034 X X
1984 San Dimas RR0295-RR0996 J0035-J0406 X X
1985 San Dimas RR0997-RR1754 J0407-J1539 X X
1986 San Dimas RR1755-RR1929 J1540-J2799 JA0001-JA0011 X
1987 Ontario RR1930-RR2115 J2800-J4072 JA0012-JA0036 X
1988 Ontario RR2116-RR2274 J4073-J5007 JA0037-JA0087 X
1989 Ontario RR2275-RR2527 J5008-J5657 JA0088-JA0149 X
1990 Ontario RR2528-RR2664 J5658-J5842 JA0150-JA0169 UO0001-UO0852
1991 Ontario RR2665-RR2683 J5843-J5923 JA0170-JA0175 UO0853-UO1750
1992 Ontario RR2684-RR2706 J5924-J5974 JA0176-JA0177 UO1751-UO2070
1993 Ontario RR2707-RR2724 J5975-J6079 JA0178-JA0179 UO2071-UO2527
1994 Ontario RR2725-RR2744 J6080-J6171 JA0180 UO2528-UO2941
1995 Ontario RR2745-RR2756 J6172-J6238 End of Series UO2942-UO3211
1996 Ontario RR2757-RR2784 J6239-J6300 None Produced UO3212-UO4005
1997 Ontario RR2785-RR2801 J6301-J6379 None Produced UO4006-UO5247
1998 Ontario RR2802-RR2823 J6380-J6444 None Produced UO5248-UO6904
1999 Ontario RR2824-RR2844 J6445-J6506 JA0182-JA0185 UO6905-UO7626
2000 Ontario RR2845-RR2860 J6506-6568 JA0186-JA0191 UO7627-UO8969
2001 Ontario RR2861- J6569- JA0192-JA194 UO8970-


Jackson JS, X and Pro Series guitars that were made from 2013 until present day feature a 10-digit alphanumeric serial number located on the back of the headstock or neckplate. The first two number digits in the serial number identify the year the guitar was created. For example, a guitar with the serial number ICJ1500001 was made in 2015.
All Randy Rhoads neck-through-body guitars were given “RR****” serial numbers from 1983 to spring 1990. After that, only custom Rhoads guitars bore “RR****” serial numbers; production Rhoads guitars were considered “USA” models and given “U0****” serial numbers.

Neck-through-body guitars that weren’t Randy Rhoads models were given “J****” serial numbers, including Soloist™, King V™, Kelly™, Concert Bass and other models. After spring 1990, only custom neck-through-body models were given “J” serial numbers; production Soloist, Kelly and King V models, etc., were also considered “USA” models and given “U0****” serial numbers. There are exceptions to this rule—production neck-through-body models from the 1990s can sometimes be found with “J” or “RR” serial numbers instead of “U” serial numbers; these typically identify an instrument as a Jackson Custom Shop prototype of some kind. Also, a few Rhoads guitars were mistakenly released with “J” rather than “RR” serial numbers.