On Bolt-On-Neck models, the serial numbers are stamped into the neck plates.

Use the charts here to easily cross-reference Jackson serial numbers with product dates and manufacturing facility locations. Note that these charts contain information only on U.S.-made Jackson

Year & Factory Jackson Custom Shop Bolt On* Jackson USA Bolt On Jackson Junior**
1986 San Dimas 1001-1505 X X
1987 Ontario 1506-7303 X X
1988 Ontario 1506-7303 X X
1989 Ontario 1506-7303 X X
1990 Ontario 7304-7498 000001-000900 X
1991 Ontario 7499-7761 000901-001563 X
1992 Ontario 7762-7814 001564-001739 X
1993 Ontario 7815-7898 001740-001931 X
1994 Ontario 7899-7973 001932-2324 0001JJ-0091JJ
1995 Ontario 7974-8013 002325-002687 0092JJ-0105JJ
1996 Ontario 8014-8055 002688-003370 0106JJ-0256JJ
1997 Ontario 8056-8089 003371-004676 0257JJ-0422JJ
1998 Ontario 8090-8138 004677-004923 0423JJ-583JJ
1999 Ontario 8139-8158 004924-004974 0584JJ-0605JJ
2000 Ontario 8159-8176 004975-005050 0606JJ-0643JJ
2001 Ontario 8177- 005051- 0644JJ-

Jackson JS, X and Pro Series guitars that were made from 2013 until present day feature a 10-digit alphanumeric serial number located on the back of the headstock or neckplate. The first two number digits in the serial number identify the year the guitar was created. For example, a guitar with the serial number ICJ1500001 was made in 2015.
From 1987 to 1989, Jackson Custom Shop bolt-on-neck guitars were not assembled in strictly sequential serial number order. Due to a stamping machine error, for example, serial numbers 5234 to 5999 do not exist; these neck plates say “Jackson, 4452 Airport Drive Ontario, CA 91761.”

The serial numbers of Jackson Junior (JJ) guitars—the only Jackson bolt-on-neck models without neck plates—are stamped into the fingerboard.
Four-digit Jackson neck plates were reserved only for custom instruments in spring 1990. All production bolt-on-neck instruments were given six-digit USA series neck plates.