Thank you for your interest in the FMIC family of products. We appreciate your use of and enthusiasm for our products.. As a company of musicians and music enthusiasts, we strive to create lasting relationships with our core artists. In considering an artist for an official relationship with any of our brands we consider many factors, including:
• BRAND LOYALTY: It is crucial that the bands/musician have a strong long-term documented association to our brands.
• MEDIA PRESENCE: It is important that the band/musician has a strong and consistent national/international TV /Internet & print presence.
• LABEL SUPPORT: We are looking to acts that have an existing relationship with a Major or High Profile Independent recording label.
• MANAGEMENT: We are looking for musicians/bands that have an established management relationship.
• TOURING HISTORY: We are looking for musicians/band that have toured both nationally and internationally as a headliner or supported a recognized act.
• NATIONAL VISIBILITY: Have you broken out of a regional scene and established national recognition/support?
If you feel confident about meeting these criteria, you can submit your EPK to

Please note that due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive from artists all over the world, we are not able to reply to all inquiries.
Thank you, again, for your time and your interest. We wish you the best of luck with your submission and music career!