The Jackson you've chosen is a fine musical instrument and like any high-quality product, care and regular maintenance should be a priority to help your guitar or bass last a lifetime.

To keep your new Jackson in top condition, apply guitar polish to a fresh, soft cloth and wipe down the body, neck and headstock after every use. Avoid getting polish directly on the hardware as this will only cause buildup and create the need for additional maintenance. The hardware can be cleaned with a dry rag. If you have acidic perspiration or perspire excessively, please keep the hardware well-oiled or it will rust and corrode. The fingerboard should be cleaned every time you change strings. Avoid the use of window cleaning and ammonia-based products as they will dry the fingerboard dramatically and it will shrink and/or crack, causing the frets to raise up and become unlevel and unplayable. There are many great oils made just for fingerboards, and more information is available at your local dealer.

For additional care tips, download the Jackson owner’s manual.